New Book!

Hello everyone,

Today has been incredibly hectic so I’m sorry for the late (and really short post) – this will just be an update. Think of it like a tweet worthy post 🙂

Anyway I wanted to let you know that our book for next month’s required reading is “Man Walks Into A Room” by Nicole Krauss and I’m extremely excited for this one so go read it please; then we can talk about it loads and read all her books because her writing voice is phenomenal! I’m obviously a bit excited here!

But yes go buy it or borrow it or kindle it or something because it would be amazing if this book club thing was more interactive; or at least more so than Tiffanie and I sharing our ideas about it.

This is what the book looks like:


And don’t worry, I’ll probably be posting another time this week before the Oscars because it’s the Oscars! but if you’re really missing my lovely text word typed things you can find me on Twitter talking to myself all the time, oh the sad painful truth.

Until next time,

– Miranda

and go read the book so we can chat and be friends 🙂


Required Romance Reading: “The Unidentified Redhead”


For February we chose a romance novel, because of the Valentine’s Day thing. So we searched for a romance novel with a heroine that wasn’t completely innocent (*cough 50 Shades cough*) and had a sense of humor that was similar to ours: meaning sarcasm. Through Goodreads and Amazon we came across Clayton’s novel “The Unidentified Redhead”, although after reading it the title should actually be called: “The Identified Redhead, the book which you’ll love for 50 pages until it turns to sh*t. Pardon my Old English”.

I do have to say it was fun for me to read something that was at a relatively easier level, especially compared to our recent picks. Plus, the first 50 or so pages of the novel are pretty humorous. The sexual innuendos between our heroine Grace Sheridan and Jack Something (his name is eluding me right now, and I’m too lazy to look up his name), plus the fabulousness of friends Holly and Nick really brought the story to life; which happens to take place in a generally superficial town: LA. But seriously, you’ll love the wittiness and playful attitude of Grace especially when we so often think of women in romance novels as being the standard damsel in distress.

Nonetheless, the story soon becomes very old: there is little character development, but a lot of sex and I would have appreciated for the romance to occur beyond, like, two weeks. I mean Disney has already laughed at themselves for their heroines somehow falling in love and getting married in a day (see Frozen), so why does a modern romance have such a short time period? Plus when it’s all sex all the time, when the freak do they have time to develop themselves. By the way, if you skip all of the sex chapters you won’t really be missing anything.

Adding onto my frustration is the fact that I had no clue that this book was also part of a series. Seriously, I would have loved to know that I wouldn’t actually be able to get a conclusion without buying the four or five other books. Perhaps this is why I believe that little story and character development occurs, because Clayton is waiting to extend it over however many books her contract states, but I think this is dumb because I will not read 400 pages of just sex scenes to see more emotions from the main character aside from her multiple orgasms. If you’re saying I’m getting too emotional, maybe. As I am drafting this, I just watched four of the Oscar nominated Best Pictures, which has left me in emotional turmoil, but I think I’m still levelheaded on how badly this story has sucked after all the great dialogue between the main characters. If I beat it into your head, I’m glad you get the picture. Here’s hoping you’re reading something as entertaining.

Hello everyone! My review isn’t going to be nearly as infuriating as Tiffanie’s sounded, but I do have similar frustrations. Brief summary before we start: Alice Clayton’s novel, “The Unidentified Redhead” tells the story of Grace Sheridan trying to re-enter the acting world after leaving it nearly ten years ago (this means that she’s in her low thirties). Grace decides to stay with her friend Holly, a very successful acting agent, who tries help Grace get back on her feet (what a good friend!). Holly decides to throw a small party with all her clients and friends at her house (in hopes of letting Grace mingle around), and this is where we meet Jack Hamilton – an up and coming young British actor who is apparently super smoking hot (somebody get the fire extinguisher! Ha! I’m hilarious). Grace and Jack meet and that’s when the sexual frustration/sexual storm happens.

Now that we have that out of the way… The book wasn’t so bad for me. Yes, there was very little character development. Yes, the time only stretched out for maybe two weeks. And yes, nearly everything was sex (depending on how you define sex). Also, I’ve only really read maybe three romance novels ever, so I’m not a complete expert on how well they are supposed to be written, although the three that I have read were more entertaining than this one. Here’s the thing, if you’re looking for a really, laugh out loud, type of book – maybe something super light where you don’t really have to pay attention, with a protagonist who is incredibly sassy and independent, and who is older than your standard naïve 20-something year old: than read this book. I found myself laughing at some of the dialogue (both in good ways and bad/unbelievable ways), I thought it was hilarious how the sex scenes were described and how they would take up ten pages or so – I mean I get that it’s good but is it really that good and that long?

I enjoyed our main character’s sense of humor, how snarky she was and that she wasn’t naïve and super young with and older guy (it was kind of nice to see an older woman be with a younger man). Overall though, there isn’t much to say about it: the story is completely predictable, light hearted, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I did skip a couple of chapters at the end because it got WAY too repetitive and I wasn’t that invested in the characters so I didn’t really care but overall it’s not bad (I don’t want to sound too mean because there is an author behind the book but let’s just say it wouldn’t be my first romance novel recommendation to anyone).

Anyway that’s our quicky-ish review of the book – if you’ve read it we’d love to hear from you or if you’ve read any other romance novels, let us know how you liked them and if you would recommend them to anyone.

As always, we hope you have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon
[ even sooner if you leave a comment 😉 ]

–       Miranda & Tiffanie

(P.S. We’ll be posting our March ‘required reading’ in a few days so keep an eye out for that one if you want to join in. I promise it’ll be better than this one.)

Discrimination and a Whole Lot of ‘-isms’

I know I’ve been delaying my Syrup post for at least three weeks, but today I think I need to talk about a more important issue. While I was browsing channels yesterday, I opened the description on the movie 42. It said something like ‘based on the true story of Jackie Robinson when he is brought in by forward-thinking manager Branch Rickey’. Now I am paraphrasing, and I’m not sure who wrote that, but I was thrown by forward-thinking. To me, how can treating another human being with equality and dignity be called ‘forward-thinking’? Isn’t that common-sense? It is so disheartening to think that the world is still at odds with issues of discrimination whether it is in the form of racism, sexism, or the myriad of other possibilities that many have raised attention to.  


I am not saying that Mr. Rickey wasn’t a humble and incredible man; I’m just saying that to have to categorize someone as “forward-thinking” because of humanitarian common sense, seems so disheartening. It’s as disheartening as the US Speedskating team being shut out of the medal count. Perhaps I did misinterpret the description in how Rickey was a pioneer for the sport of baseball in safety measures and how the sport is managed (thanks Wikipedia, you’re a girl’s best friend!), but I’m going to bet that it also applied to bringing racism up as an issue and attempting to mitigate that issue. It is similar in today’s world where many humanitarian groups are raising awareness for workers in developing countries and even the LGBTQ community around the globe. Many are praised for the impact that they are having for those who cannot be heard, and while it is an issue, it seems sad and ironic that discrimination is still so prevalent.


This has been on my mind even more because of the Olympic coverage. The Olympics have always symbolized bringing the world together to compete on a global scale and have often shown audiences the tenacity of the human spirit and a power play of a country’s dominance over resources through the ever important medal count. I’ve thought if the world’s athletes can somehow manage to co-exist peacefully during a two week period, why can’t its armies? The world has joined together to support the values of Olympism, and according the Olympic Charter, it is “The goal of Olympism to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of human kind, with a  view of promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity”. So again, if we can take a global world filled with athletes, why can’t we all just play nice and be winners?


Maybe I’m being naïve given the history of the world, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about bombings and the tragedies that occur and in honor of February I would love discrimination to stop and just have a day full of love and service for others. Do ya feel me? Because I’m honestly trying to send out feels as strong as OTPs occurring. Thanks for listening to my rant and I hope we all just remember we’re more alike than we care to think.  


Love and Best Wishes,


Making Your Day Better


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful day but if you didn’t I’d like to intrude on your moping about and maybe make your day just a bit better.







Take A Seat – Make A Friend?







What’re you still doing here? Why haven’t you clicked on it yet? Oh I see, you still don’t want to feel happiness, well let me give you a couple of reasons why to passively watch a cute little five minute YouTube video.

One: The video was made and produced by Rainn Wilson’s YouTube channel SoulPancake.

Two: If that doesn’t mean anything to you then my godw hat rock have you been living under? SoulPancake is by far one of the best YouTube channels around. They make a variety of videos that all make you feel firkin amazing and who the hell doesn’t like to feel amazing? Oh right, you don’t because you had a shitty day – well that takes us to the next point.

Three: These people made a random ball pit and just put it in the middle of the sidewalk – Did you miss that? Ok let me repeat it. A Fucking Ball Pit Just Sitting On The Sidewalk! Did you get that? Ok, so random people from the public get into that ball pit and wait for someone else to accompany them.

Four: Once two people are just chilling in the ball pit then they proceed to meet each other and ask questions that are written on the other balls. 

What you get from all of this is just a feel good time of genuine human connection. It’s great to see strangers meeting each other and finding commonalities and intricacies within the lives of others that they wouldn’t normally stop to say ‘hi’ to on the street. Most of us go through life completely boxed off, plugged into our headphones, ignoring what may be happening just a few feet away – and sometimes it’s good, we all need our alone time and sometimes it’s nice to just sit on the bus and tell the stranger sitting next to you that you like their coat or the book their reading – it might spark something or it might not; the point is that you’re connecting or trying to connect with someone and if not at least the other person can feel happy that they received a comment about their coat. You done good my friend, you done good.

So if you’re still here and haven’t watched the video yet – what the fuck are you doing? Did I not just convince you to click the link in a systematic and logical way? 

And if you watched the video and came back, hello again I hope you enjoyed it. If it made your great day just a bit more great then AWESOME! And if it made your shitty day just a bit better than GREAT! And if you’re still a sour pill to swallow then my god here is a funny IPhone parody commercial you need to watch: Introducing the iPhone 5c and 5s

This is where I say You done good Miranda, you done good.

Until next time,



I Got 99 Problems, But Love Ain’t One

First I really hope you get the reference in my title, or else it will make me feel even more socially awkward. Second, I hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry this post is hitting the web a little later than I had planned but I was busy wrapping almost 600 spring rolls for the past 8 hours. Plus, I’m a firm believer that love and other ailments can be cured or at least numbed through some good quality food. Anyways, while I was wrapping said spring rolls (in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, they’re called lumpia—congrats on your culture lesson for the day) I was enjoying myself because I was able to spend good quality time with my family and pretty much just chilling.

In my family, and I think Filipino culture in general, food is one of the ways that create community but also a way to express emotions. During the holidays, food is one of the pieces that further solidifies the family experience and during times of loss food is also one of those elements that is immensely comforting but also draws in the family unit in celebration of a life. In the US Valentine’s Day has become another holiday of celebration that seems to focus on couples. But I think we forget, and many singles also regretfully believe that they will be alone for their entire lives, is that this day is a celebration of love for all those we hold dear, not just a significant other. At least in my mind it is.

I was doing some research into the origin of the day and it actually was based from the story of Saint Valentinus. The day has only been attached to some kind of romantic love since the 1300s, or at least that’s what my friend Wikipedia is telling me. For me, while yes I do want to have someone in my future to share my life with, I take what I have now with gratitude. I’m blessed to have a supportive group of family and friends who I would gladly go to the ends of the Earth for. And I know they would do the same for me (they started a search party when I was falsely “lost”; you can comment if you want the full story).

So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re wallowing, just be glad that you have working internet, and say ‘I love you’ to those you may not say it enough too. Plus I’ve compiled some great cards below to cheer you up if you need.

Because I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch. Source: Yahoo! TV

Ryan Gosling.

Also, who doesn’t want to stare into Mr. Goslings eyes and rock hard abs? Source: Life Unsweetened


If you’re lonely, I’ll volunteer to be your Valentine! Source: MTV

Finally, we love you for your constant readership and creating a great community here on WordPress and beyond.

Best Wishes,


New Feel Good Music!


Hello everyone,

I have survived midterms. I have come out alive. I have made it to the fucking other side and have tasted the sweet, sweet essence of freedom (aka I have taken a nap and toughly enjoyed the sleepiness of it).

Anyway it is Tuesday, and upon surviving the paintball like war that is disguised as a ‘school’, I am here to inform you or entertain your eye buds for the slight moments you take to read this so here it goes:

Music has been kind of scarce for me lately; I enjoy songs and such (like the new U2 song ‘Invisible’ that came out over the Superbowl weekend) but I either haven’t had the opportunity or there just isn’t a whole album where I end up going: ‘yes I would like to buy that whole album because it is all so good’. Nonetheless with ITunes, Spotify, and now Beats music players we don’t have to buy whole albums, we can just purchase a singular song or just stream a couple.

Honestly, this is all just build up to say that I have found a new album that I believe is fantastic within every song and I would very much like you to treat your ears to the beautiful tingling sensation of the artists who call themselves “Kodaline” and their newest album “A Perfect World”. It’s just so beautiful and don’t just take my word for it, go gander a listen and judge for yourself. My favorite song so far is “High Hopes” but really just listen to the whole thing because it is fantastic.

This Irish based rock quartet makes music that when you listen to it has a cinematic quality – basically it makes you feel like you could slo-mo jump off a cliff and soar away because of how majestic it is. They’ve been related to Coldplay, Keane, Oasis, and best of all (I’m totally biased) U2 – so obviously I love them.

I highly recommend you give their whole album a listen, it’s fantastic, beautiful and amazing – I don’t know how much more I can say.

Have a great day,


Slight Mental Break-Down : Miranda Edition

Hello everyone,

Metaphorically speaking here, I’m in a rut and I feel like I’ve been in a rut for a while. It has been getting better; I mean before when I would be in a rut I wouldn’t know how to get out of it and I’d feel claustrophobic and I’d kind of loose my mind – lately though, it has just been this numbing feeling or a feeling where I want to do so much but I “don’t have time” to do all those things because of other stuff (like school work), and I go on thinking about the things I really want to do instead of doing the things I have to do, where I end up not even finishing the things I have to do because I’m day dreaming about the things I want to do. Does that make sense? I swear if my English professor read that she would probably beat me for having terrible sentence structure. (I’m going to put this note here and say that she isn’t abusive so no one calls the cops, she’s actually a very nice lady).

Does anyone understand what I’m going through? Do you have any suggestions to help me focus and get what I need to finish, finished? I’m just completely unmotivated and it’s driving me crazy.

Here is my current situation. I’m in school at the moment (University actually – Junior year). Two of the three classes that I’m taking don’t really interest me, all my professors are amazing and really nice and funny but just the subject matter bores me oh so much. Next quarter I’m going to Prague for a study abroad and by next quarter I mean in just 6 weeks I should be boarding a plane; mentioning that and the fact that I have almost nothing prepared for that trip… I haven’t even booked a flight, which makes me incredibly anxious and paranoid. Not to mention that I have a midterm on Tuesday that I’m currently trying to study for but I just can’t seem to concentrate on the subject material and it’s driving me crazy; not to mention that I probably shouldn’t skip school or work tomorrow but if I don’t I wont get home until late at night to work on my midterm…. Between a rock and a hard place here people!

Anyway that’s it. Just thought I’d write about it and hopefully get some advice from any kind soul who is willing to write me a comment – the amount of discounted Valentine’s day chocolates are not soothing enough for me anymore!

Should I sign this “please help”? That sounds accurate or something like “from your mental break-down blogger friend”? That is also accurate…. Or both, both is good!

Please help!

From your mental break-down blogger friend,


Business Mode

Hello and happy Friday, all! This past week I’ve had two midterms and I have another one this coming week. I’ve had a couple of group meetings for said classes in addition to a club meeting and getting ready for a marketing conference tomorrow. So I’ve been MIA on here (although you can catch me on other social media sites doing the forever-scroll) and pretty much in study-study-study mode a.k.a. what I like to call “Business Mode”. It’s the best because I’m actually being productive and useful, which I enjoy especially since I feel like I’ve been in a lull since summer. But on the other hand my brain seems to be going a million miles an hour and I can’t connect my thoughts in a coherent fashion and I have no idea how I get from the book Syrup by Maxx Barry to the Olympics, to social media, to my cat, and somehow to movies. If you can somehow see the story there I applaud your skills and would love to hear your theory.


In addition I’ve been reading a bunch, and not just my textbooks! But I guess you could say my “Business Mode” type of mood has made me scared of the impending collision with the “real world”. All business majors will pretty much be able to appreciate and understand this reference given that there’s always the difference between college life and “real world”. And let me tell you, I’m currently scared sh*t less because this quarter has been going by so fast. What I’m scared most about is stalling and being stuck. I’m afraid no one will hire me. Which, let’s face it, is always a possibility despite how awesome I am. (Okay, ignore my haughtiness, like I said “Business Mode” makes me productive which in turn makes me feel like a badass.) After hearing so many guest lectures, they always seem to preach best practices and tips but I feel like that the ultimate connection between all of them is that (professional) life doesn’t give you a game plan. All of these are just tips, but even if you follow the game plan you’re not guaranteed to win the war. So maybe I shouldn’t be so scared after all. Maybe they’re just faking it until they make it, too. 


If you’re still reading, because my life somehow sounds interesting to you, I think you deserve an award! If you’re in the same boat as me, I’ll see you on the other side hopefully floating and not sinking.


Best Wishes,


P.S. If you have any writing topics that you have stored up, I’d love a look since I’m kind of tired of writing these weekly “journals”. Just leave those in the comments, dank u! Next week I’ll get it together and write about Syrup (It’s my favorite book at the moment).

Story Time: A Day At The Doctor’s Office

Hello Everyone,

I would like to tell you a story; I think it’s going to be a fairly short story but a true and interesting story nonetheless.

Ok so I went to the doctor today because I just recently turned 21 and I was told that I had to get some physical once I turned 21, apparently a lot can happen in a year.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to describe how I had to get into that hideously cold scrub that they give you to change in or how I got walked in on by a doctor while I was changing (this last part didn’t happen but it would make for a good story someday I’m sure). What I do plan on talking about though is … wait for it… Sex. 

So, I walk into this room right? The nurse lady finishes processing my paperwork and she tells me to change into that scrub. Mind you, I live in the state of Washington and it’s nearly freezing outside and all they give me to change into is a sheet, it’s not even as thick as a towel, but just a sheet to cover my goose-bumping nakedness. Moments later the doctor walks in, goes through all the formalities like shaking my hand and what not, and then she takes a seat, looks through my papers and starts to ask the really hard hitting questions; questions like ‘How are you?’ I was not being facetious earlier (ok maybe a littler) because if I were to answer truthfully I would say something along the lines of: ‘Oh I’m ok just normal stuff like freezing my ass of sitting on this really uncomfortable seat with what seems like a pee pad that you all put underneath my bum. Not to mention that you’re fully clothes and super comfortable and I’m nearly naked – also that you’re going to touch my body in a non weird way but also it’s a tad uncomfortable. But besides all of that I think I’m splendid.’ Instead I just said I was fine. But you all are here for the sex that I promised you and the sex you shall get! <- Try taking that sentence out of context, oh joy.

Getting on with things: you know how your doctor is supposed to be, or ideally is ok with anything about the body? They’re there to make you feel comfortable right? Well that didn’t really happen. You see I’m 21 and under my ‘sex status’ bar you get the message written in bold: ‘You are currently INACTIVE – please renew your subscription that you’ve never used’ – kind of like your computer saying ‘You got mail!’ except this time it would be ‘You never get mail!’

So we’ve gone through all the questions on the sheet and I know that the only questions that are left pertain to this sex thing and it’s taking a significantly long amount of time for my doctor just to ask the question. Lets say the other questions took maybe 2 seconds until she got to them, I tell you I waited around a good 30 seconds before she figured out how to approach this topic:

Doctor: “so, ummmm have you, you know—–“
Me: “have I had sex yet?”
Doctor: “yes!”
Me: “no”
Doctor: “are you, you know… waiting and such? Is there a reason as to why?”
Me: “I just haven’t found anyone I’ve desperately wanted to do it with” 
Doctor: “well you know, you’re studying abroad soon and when kids leave their parents’ house they tend to get really wild and excited and form relationships”
Me: “I’m probably not going to have sex in Prague”
Doctor: “but if you do… I’m sure you learned about this in high school but you know, safety”
Me: “yes, I know about protection”
Doctor: “ok good, now that we went over that….”

More like now that I went over that – believe me it was incredibly painful. This is the person who I’m supposed to trust with my body and feel completely comfortable around and yet she can’t even talk about sex without sounding completely embarrassed or nervous, it just made me nervous! I understand that sex is an important thing to many people and because it gives us the opportunity to constantly produce mini-mes it should be done in a responsible way but come on, the only progressive education we’re going to get with sex is if we get rid of this chastity belt and create a discourse about it and this discourse should start with our doctors, teachers and parents – not PornHub or RedTube. 

So that was my sex story, I realized that this wasn’t particularly short but I hope you enjoyed it – I know I enjoyed writing it. 

Until next time!

– Miranda 

The Twitter Pledge

So it’s a little late but in honor of all the crazy that happened during the Grammy’s last Sunday I have drafted a pledge in order to make all of our lives better when using social media, particularly the great medium of Twitter. If you’re confused see my embedded tweet below. Plus if you’re on Tumblr you might have seen the new community guidelines which have put me in a very humorous mood (see “Gore, Mutilation, Bestiality, or Necrophilia” and/or “Confusion or Impersonation”).

The Twitter Pledge

The Twitter Pledge

As drafted by yours truly. (Also available for PDF download)

Have you signed? I definitely have and I’m holding you all accountable to call me out. But of course it’s a free country so do what you want, and don’t forget that this can be applied to almost all social media mediums because they all pretty much use hashtags now.

#PeaceOut #EnjoyYourWeekend

Best Wishes,