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Let’s see, the things you most need to know about me are:
Beanie lover – like seriously it’s a problem
U2 is my favorite band and I really REALLY want to see them in concert
Obviously I like books (Current favorite is In Cold Blood)
University of Washington Undergrad studying English and CHID (I’ll explain what this is if you’re really curious – just ask)
Oh and I love food – like a lot.
Favorite Color: Orange – like a tiger
Zodiac: Aquarius (way better than Gemini *cough* *cough* Tiffanie)Got any other questions? Feel free to ask awayInstgram: mqassis – just find me if you want
Twitter: @IReadandStuff

I am like Chex Mix: a bag of interesting. Or that’s what I like to tell myself. In reality I am obtaining a business degree, specifically in marketing. Above all I’m a pop culture junkie.
Follow me (if you’d like of course):

Want more facts? Read on!

Favorite color: blue

Zodiac: Gemini

Movie Adaptation: Pride & Prejudice (2005)


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