When Will These Things go Mainstream?

I’m trying this out. We may or may not do this in the future. Also, do you care about my face or am I being narcissistic?

Yes, I freely admit that I am a little northwestern (not the university) hipster. I mean I have these fantastic spectacles, have an encyclopedic knowledge on coffee, and brew my own beverages.

Wait, that’s not really me. Well, except the spectacles part (see above photo; and why not selfie for the heck of it?). But today, I share with you a couple of things that aren’t highly known or regarded as “popular” or “cool” in the USA. At least it seems like that to me. If something is thought of as cool, let me know. That way I can take it off my list and/or I can tell myself I’m more mainstream than I think I am.


The first is cycling. Sure we have the die hards, especially in Seattle being so bike friendly, but most of the country don’t regard the legends like Greg LeMonde or Eddy Mercx in the same light as our famed Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. I’m not saying Wilson isn’t awesome, just that there’s a different degree of fame for football players and cyclists. Although the sport has been growing in the US (see: The Tour of California bringing in huge names like Sir Wiggins and Mr. Cavendish), it’s still a mystery when I say I admire and have a teensy crush on Taylor Phinney. But if I said I really admire Russell Wilson, it’s pretty easy to visualize who I’m talking about, unless of course you hid under a rock during the Superbowl.


The second item on my list is french fries. But with mayo. I did a Tumblr post on it a while ago when I picked up the delicacy from my study abroad, but my craving is still unfulfilled. I’m not talking about the fast food fries filled with grease, somehow the fries I’m thinking about are not greasy and not overly salted. Plus you get a selection of your sauce. I’m a believer in the mayo version because it’s not a weird texture like the regular mayo (it’s more of ketchup consistency rather than chunky, spoiled milk). Plus it’s sweeter and is a great compliment to the simplicity of the fry.


And really, that’s all I can think of for now. Which is kind of sad, but I’m looking forward to the growing popularity of these items. It will be such a great feeling when we welcome home our American cyclists particularly in the same light as our basketball stars, and not just every four years. Plus knowing the integrity behind these athletes to race clean (but you can ask me how I feel about doping in the comments. *hint hint, nudge nudge*).


Also, I’d be interested to hear things (any noun!) that you are waiting for to grow in popularity.

Best wishes,



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