DocuDiary: New Words!

To all of those who celebrate it and/or care, Good Friday to you! (You can either take it as the Kanye West version or the religious version. If I missed some other reference, my apologies). Has it been two weeks since this blog’s seen activity? You also have our apologies. *You win a prize if you can catch all the corny moments!*

This week, I’m documenting my glamorous life in a new fashion. I have a few of my favorite words from the past two weeks. They’re a combo of words I learned or words I think just aren’t being used enough. So it should be entertaining and educational! It’ll be like a boring documentary you don’t care about combined with something you do care about like Game of Thrones (everyone has a connection to GoT). Though, I can say there probably won’t be as much violence. You’ll just have to read along (At least I’m not making you wait like eight years for each post, although it might feel like it)

Word #1!
Maul. You might be thinking, “You said it wouldn’t be violent!” Yes, but then you are probably thinking about maul being used as a verb. Did you know it is also a noun? I learned it was a noun as a couple of friends and I went to our local natural history museum where there was a phallic maul on display. “Maul” can also mean a heavy hammer or in the archaic term as a heavy club or mace. I couldn’t lie about this, and here is proof!  (click here as I didn’t really want the picture in the reader to show a phallic maul…..)

Sacrosanct. Although it probably it won’t be a surprise when you hear the definition, I have been reading for fun, and I saw this word and it really isn’t being used that often in common language. So, when you want to sound educated and it fits the situation, smack someone with a little wordplay! Because we all know, intelligence is sexy.
Here’s the definition: (adj.) extremely sacred; not to be entered; above or beyond criticism, change, or interference.

And finally, word #3!
Miffed. (adj.) Put into an irritable mood. You might be thinking that I grew up in the wrong time period and have an old soul. You’re probably correct. But I mean, if you’re feeling a little angry but not quite P.O’d feel free to use miffed. The only possible side effect is that you might be mistaken for a cute little kitten. I guess they should be careful, because they never know if you have a maul laying around! Hey, yo! Yeah, I’ll see myself out now.

I hope you enjoyed this break to your day. Best wishes, maybe talk to y’all next Friday. Also be sure to comment on your favorite words this week or words that aren’t being used enough.

– Tiffanie
P.S. The definitions I used are from Don’t kill or sue me.


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