Music Suggestions, Please

Dearest Reader,

If you’re wondering about Miranda’s safety I have news for you. She has safely made it abroad and I’ve seen her smiling face being tagged on Facebook. You should also follow her on Instagram (*cough selfless plug cough*) so you can see where she’s been. Plus, I’m sure she’ll be posting more soon.

This week, I need your help. I know I haven’t talked music on here very much, except for a little drop of Beyoncé, but I’ve been on a semi-old school R&B kick and have started a playlist. However, this playlist is a little sparse. Like horrible pun jokes, I’m also a sucker for old school ballads that have a two-step type of feel. Then on the other hand I’ll also sing along to “Suga, Suga” and “Peaches & Cream”. I live for the bass (but not EDM style) and being able to let the (little) sun we get in Seattle shine on through in the car. I think the newest song in there is from 2007, and the oldest is 1998. But I’m open to additions from before ’98. If you have a song in mind that you think should be in my playlist, comment, send me a tweet, or feel free to reach out in any other way. Just don’t spam me like a bot, please. That’s not cool.

Here’s the playlist so far (I love Spotify, especially after their new re-design!): *Update : April 5th. This playlist has changed from the original. Feel free to still reach out if you think you can make this playlist better. Thanks!*

In thanks for your help, I’ll give you some pretty cool artists I’ve found this week, which has been a God send given that I’ve felt my playlists have been feeling rather dull. It’ll be like trading Pokémon cards, or pieces of lunch. (No, you may not have my golden Togepi I got from Burger King).

If you want some Rap, I recently found out about Gowe (Gifted on West End). He has lyrical content, and isn’t aimlessly cussing every other word. I’m particularly in love with “Coffee Tables” and “I Wonder”. His latest LP as far as I know is “We Are Hypergiants” (2012).  It has a catchy title, no?

If you’re into more folksy-based guitar stuff, I give you City and Colour (spelt the better way!). It’s no wonder with great melodies, a unique tone, and meaningful lyrics, that one of his most popular songs “The Girl” has amassed more than 1 million plays. I’m digging “The Girl” and “Forgive Me”. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of him sooner.

For my third pick, I’m choosing an oldie/newbie. Old, because I heard one of his songs earlier but have newly re-discovered and listened to him. Tom Odell has such a unique voice, with (no surprise) lyrical content that just wrenches, twists, and turns your soul. He’s also British. Plus, his album Long Way Down is one of those great albums that tell a story in the song order, but can also be shuffled and still have an impact. I’m a fan of “Grow Old With Me”, “Hold Me”, “Another Love”, “Sirens”, “Heal”. You know what? Just go listen to the whole album. You’ll thank me later.

I have a pretty wide range of taste. So shoot me a comment and we can get to trading musical taste!

Hope you have a wonderful week.

– Tiffanie


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