A Letter to Miranda


As you embark across the world to the distant, fashionable cousin of this hallowed America I hope you have the time of your life (don’t forget the Dirty Dancing music). Here are some of the things I hope you do and don’t do. Obviously you don’t have to listen to me, I’m not your mother.

  1.   Say Yes. No, don’t go saying “yes” to getting married on the first evening, but I hope you do say yes to many things. Whether it’s going to concerts to artists you’ve never heard of, exploring some national park, getting lost in a castle, or just finding some good coffee shops, I hope you don’t get pulled into a shell and become a homebody for wherever you are calling home base.
  2.   Don’t be Stupid. I said say “yes”, but obviously don’t do something like murder or whatever is illegal over there. I know you’re smart, so this one is kind of silly.
  3.   Take Pics and Videos. Because, you know, I want to see all the things! Including well-dressed men. Don’t forget your new found friends, the city, and your face!
  4.    Stay Safe. We always hear the horror stories about what happens, but we never truly embrace all the beautiful aspects of traveling abroad. And that’s a real shame. This point, is really just saying I hope you enjoy every moment of your time and that me and everyone you love will be wishing you safety for you to enjoy these moments.

Last words before I sign off and we get overly sappy here. I am so happy for you and I will miss you. I’ll miss baking you cake pops and our late night conversations, but probably your laugh and tiny hand writing more. So don’t forget to write, we’ll always have the interwebs.


Best Wishes,



Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of humor. I hope you’re ready. You be Snape, just the more attractive female version of him.


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