Happy Pi(e) Day!!!

In honor of this great day that supports not only math and the goodness of pie, I’ve compiled a list of three things that also support math/numbers in their own unique mediums as well. Be sure to take the Buzzfeed quiz to find out which type of pie you are, especially if you need something to distract you from your more important decisions. Because let’s face it, pie is pretty much a distraction in and of itself. At least the really good ones. Have I mentioned before that Miranda’s mom makes a killer apple pie?! Anyway, on with the list!

#1. Well this list probably doesn’t really support math/numbers, but it definitely features references to them in some shape or form. I’m picking Beyoncé’s “1+1” from her album 4 way back in 2011 as my first choice.

This is definitely one of my favorite songs from 4 in addition to “Love on Top” (those increasing chord progressions and key changes always get me). While she doesn’t necessarily know a lot about algebra (do you see what I did there?) she has recently been supporting the #BanBossy Campaign. But that’s of a separate matter. So what does one plus one equal to?

#2. Two! So my second item would be this delightful video of Benedict Cumberbatch, er Benedict Sherlock, with friends Count von Count and Murray-arty. It blew up a while ago, but it’s still so much fun to watch. Plus, I love me some Benedict (if you haven’t picked up yet). Happy counting; you’ll still use this skill after school and in the “real world”.

#3. My third item would be the movie Stand and Deliver (1988) about a math teacher named Jaime Escalante who helps a group of under privileged high school students through the support of not just his good nature but also through a love of math specifically, calculus. I never believed that math would be so valuable, but I’ve learned that math and a variety of disciplines are interconnected whether it is through economics, physics, chemistry and other sciences. I guess that’s what perspective does; it surprises you and changes your beliefs. Math in today’s day in age is increasingly more valuable specifically with statistics and the introduction of big data. So stay in school kids  and love math more!

To all a happy pi day! Be sure to comment on your favorite kind of pie (it’s not limited to the sweet kind) and/or what your result was for your Buzzfeed quiz. You can find my result on Twitter (hee hee, shameless plug).




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