New Book!

Hello everyone,

Today has been incredibly hectic so I’m sorry for the late (and really short post) – this will just be an update. Think of it like a tweet worthy post 🙂

Anyway I wanted to let you know that our book for next month’s required reading is “Man Walks Into A Room” by Nicole Krauss and I’m extremely excited for this one so go read it please; then we can talk about it loads and read all her books because her writing voice is phenomenal! I’m obviously a bit excited here!

But yes go buy it or borrow it or kindle it or something because it would be amazing if this book club thing was more interactive; or at least more so than Tiffanie and I sharing our ideas about it.

This is what the book looks like:


And don’t worry, I’ll probably be posting another time this week before the Oscars because it’s the Oscars! but if you’re really missing my lovely text word typed things you can find me on Twitter talking to myself all the time, oh the sad painful truth.

Until next time,

– Miranda

and go read the book so we can chat and be friends 🙂


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