Making Your Day Better


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful day but if you didn’t I’d like to intrude on your moping about and maybe make your day just a bit better.







Take A Seat – Make A Friend?







What’re you still doing here? Why haven’t you clicked on it yet? Oh I see, you still don’t want to feel happiness, well let me give you a couple of reasons why to passively watch a cute little five minute YouTube video.

One: The video was made and produced by Rainn Wilson’s YouTube channel SoulPancake.

Two: If that doesn’t mean anything to you then my godw hat rock have you been living under? SoulPancake is by far one of the best YouTube channels around. They make a variety of videos that all make you feel firkin amazing and who the hell doesn’t like to feel amazing? Oh right, you don’t because you had a shitty day – well that takes us to the next point.

Three: These people made a random ball pit and just put it in the middle of the sidewalk – Did you miss that? Ok let me repeat it. A Fucking Ball Pit Just Sitting On The Sidewalk! Did you get that? Ok, so random people from the public get into that ball pit and wait for someone else to accompany them.

Four: Once two people are just chilling in the ball pit then they proceed to meet each other and ask questions that are written on the other balls. 

What you get from all of this is just a feel good time of genuine human connection. It’s great to see strangers meeting each other and finding commonalities and intricacies within the lives of others that they wouldn’t normally stop to say ‘hi’ to on the street. Most of us go through life completely boxed off, plugged into our headphones, ignoring what may be happening just a few feet away – and sometimes it’s good, we all need our alone time and sometimes it’s nice to just sit on the bus and tell the stranger sitting next to you that you like their coat or the book their reading – it might spark something or it might not; the point is that you’re connecting or trying to connect with someone and if not at least the other person can feel happy that they received a comment about their coat. You done good my friend, you done good.

So if you’re still here and haven’t watched the video yet – what the fuck are you doing? Did I not just convince you to click the link in a systematic and logical way? 

And if you watched the video and came back, hello again I hope you enjoyed it. If it made your great day just a bit more great then AWESOME! And if it made your shitty day just a bit better than GREAT! And if you’re still a sour pill to swallow then my god here is a funny IPhone parody commercial you need to watch: Introducing the iPhone 5c and 5s

This is where I say You done good Miranda, you done good.

Until next time,




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