I Got 99 Problems, But Love Ain’t One

First I really hope you get the reference in my title, or else it will make me feel even more socially awkward. Second, I hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry this post is hitting the web a little later than I had planned but I was busy wrapping almost 600 spring rolls for the past 8 hours. Plus, I’m a firm believer that love and other ailments can be cured or at least numbed through some good quality food. Anyways, while I was wrapping said spring rolls (in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, they’re called lumpia—congrats on your culture lesson for the day) I was enjoying myself because I was able to spend good quality time with my family and pretty much just chilling.

In my family, and I think Filipino culture in general, food is one of the ways that create community but also a way to express emotions. During the holidays, food is one of the pieces that further solidifies the family experience and during times of loss food is also one of those elements that is immensely comforting but also draws in the family unit in celebration of a life. In the US Valentine’s Day has become another holiday of celebration that seems to focus on couples. But I think we forget, and many singles also regretfully believe that they will be alone for their entire lives, is that this day is a celebration of love for all those we hold dear, not just a significant other. At least in my mind it is.

I was doing some research into the origin of the day and it actually was based from the story of Saint Valentinus. The day has only been attached to some kind of romantic love since the 1300s, or at least that’s what my friend Wikipedia is telling me. For me, while yes I do want to have someone in my future to share my life with, I take what I have now with gratitude. I’m blessed to have a supportive group of family and friends who I would gladly go to the ends of the Earth for. And I know they would do the same for me (they started a search party when I was falsely “lost”; you can comment if you want the full story).

So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re wallowing, just be glad that you have working internet, and say ‘I love you’ to those you may not say it enough too. Plus I’ve compiled some great cards below to cheer you up if you need.

Because I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch. Source: Yahoo! TV

Ryan Gosling.

Also, who doesn’t want to stare into Mr. Goslings eyes and rock hard abs? Source: Life Unsweetened


If you’re lonely, I’ll volunteer to be your Valentine! Source: MTV

Finally, we love you for your constant readership and creating a great community here on WordPress and beyond.

Best Wishes,



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