New Feel Good Music!


Hello everyone,

I have survived midterms. I have come out alive. I have made it to the fucking other side and have tasted the sweet, sweet essence of freedom (aka I have taken a nap and toughly enjoyed the sleepiness of it).

Anyway it is Tuesday, and upon surviving the paintball like war that is disguised as a ‘school’, I am here to inform you or entertain your eye buds for the slight moments you take to read this so here it goes:

Music has been kind of scarce for me lately; I enjoy songs and such (like the new U2 song ‘Invisible’ that came out over the Superbowl weekend) but I either haven’t had the opportunity or there just isn’t a whole album where I end up going: ‘yes I would like to buy that whole album because it is all so good’. Nonetheless with ITunes, Spotify, and now Beats music players we don’t have to buy whole albums, we can just purchase a singular song or just stream a couple.

Honestly, this is all just build up to say that I have found a new album that I believe is fantastic within every song and I would very much like you to treat your ears to the beautiful tingling sensation of the artists who call themselves “Kodaline” and their newest album “A Perfect World”. It’s just so beautiful and don’t just take my word for it, go gander a listen and judge for yourself. My favorite song so far is “High Hopes” but really just listen to the whole thing because it is fantastic.

This Irish based rock quartet makes music that when you listen to it has a cinematic quality – basically it makes you feel like you could slo-mo jump off a cliff and soar away because of how majestic it is. They’ve been related to Coldplay, Keane, Oasis, and best of all (I’m totally biased) U2 – so obviously I love them.

I highly recommend you give their whole album a listen, it’s fantastic, beautiful and amazing – I don’t know how much more I can say.

Have a great day,



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