Slight Mental Break-Down : Miranda Edition

Hello everyone,

Metaphorically speaking here, I’m in a rut and I feel like I’ve been in a rut for a while. It has been getting better; I mean before when I would be in a rut I wouldn’t know how to get out of it and I’d feel claustrophobic and I’d kind of loose my mind – lately though, it has just been this numbing feeling or a feeling where I want to do so much but I “don’t have time” to do all those things because of other stuff (like school work), and I go on thinking about the things I really want to do instead of doing the things I have to do, where I end up not even finishing the things I have to do because I’m day dreaming about the things I want to do. Does that make sense? I swear if my English professor read that she would probably beat me for having terrible sentence structure. (I’m going to put this note here and say that she isn’t abusive so no one calls the cops, she’s actually a very nice lady).

Does anyone understand what I’m going through? Do you have any suggestions to help me focus and get what I need to finish, finished? I’m just completely unmotivated and it’s driving me crazy.

Here is my current situation. I’m in school at the moment (University actually – Junior year). Two of the three classes that I’m taking don’t really interest me, all my professors are amazing and really nice and funny but just the subject matter bores me oh so much. Next quarter I’m going to Prague for a study abroad and by next quarter I mean in just 6 weeks I should be boarding a plane; mentioning that and the fact that I have almost nothing prepared for that trip… I haven’t even booked a flight, which makes me incredibly anxious and paranoid. Not to mention that I have a midterm on Tuesday that I’m currently trying to study for but I just can’t seem to concentrate on the subject material and it’s driving me crazy; not to mention that I probably shouldn’t skip school or work tomorrow but if I don’t I wont get home until late at night to work on my midterm…. Between a rock and a hard place here people!

Anyway that’s it. Just thought I’d write about it and hopefully get some advice from any kind soul who is willing to write me a comment – the amount of discounted Valentine’s day chocolates are not soothing enough for me anymore!

Should I sign this “please help”? That sounds accurate or something like “from your mental break-down blogger friend”? That is also accurate…. Or both, both is good!

Please help!

From your mental break-down blogger friend,


3 thoughts on “Slight Mental Break-Down : Miranda Edition

  1. Hi Miranda,
    It sounds like you just have a case of having too much to do and being overwhelmed by it! That happens to me all the time. As simple as it sounds, I find making a list of your most important tasks–and then putting them in order, from most important/time-sensitive to least–helps a lot. Just having the visual reminder around me helps me to focus on the urgency of the tasks. At work, I’ll stick the list on my computer monitor. At home, that might be good, too, or maybe on your kitchen table or wherever you spend a lot of time.
    Also, I find 45 minutes of yoga/Pilates REALLY helps me find peace and focus.
    Best of luck to you! I’m sure everything will turn out just fine! 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda!
      You are completely right, over the weekend I’m definitely going to write a list out of everything I need to do this month, it’s just really overwhelming. Have you ever had that feeling where you have so much to do that you just don’t know where to start so your solution is not to do anything? That’s what’s happening. I used to workout in the mornings (like 5am) but lately I haven’t been because I’ve been staying up too late – I think I’ll be able to tomorrow though.
      Thank you for responding though 🙂 it’s nice to get feedback! How is school going for you?

      • You’re welcome! I hope your list helps. 🙂
        Yes, I have that overwhelmed feeling all the time! It can definitely be paralyzing. That can often happen with my big writing projects, unfortunately. Sometimes I just need to use a regular notebook and get off the internet to avoid distractions!
        Good luck on working out, too. I definitely need to get back into that!
        I’m actually done with school (finished my M.A. in 2012), but I miss it, believe it or not! I’m working now in marketing for a hospital, where I do a lot of writing and editing. I also try to do a lot of my own writing at home. 🙂
        Thanks for asking!
        Good luck with everything! You’ll be great! 🙂

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