Business Mode

Hello and happy Friday, all! This past week I’ve had two midterms and I have another one this coming week. I’ve had a couple of group meetings for said classes in addition to a club meeting and getting ready for a marketing conference tomorrow. So I’ve been MIA on here (although you can catch me on other social media sites doing the forever-scroll) and pretty much in study-study-study mode a.k.a. what I like to call “Business Mode”. It’s the best because I’m actually being productive and useful, which I enjoy especially since I feel like I’ve been in a lull since summer. But on the other hand my brain seems to be going a million miles an hour and I can’t connect my thoughts in a coherent fashion and I have no idea how I get from the book Syrup by Maxx Barry to the Olympics, to social media, to my cat, and somehow to movies. If you can somehow see the story there I applaud your skills and would love to hear your theory.


In addition I’ve been reading a bunch, and not just my textbooks! But I guess you could say my “Business Mode” type of mood has made me scared of the impending collision with the “real world”. All business majors will pretty much be able to appreciate and understand this reference given that there’s always the difference between college life and “real world”. And let me tell you, I’m currently scared sh*t less because this quarter has been going by so fast. What I’m scared most about is stalling and being stuck. I’m afraid no one will hire me. Which, let’s face it, is always a possibility despite how awesome I am. (Okay, ignore my haughtiness, like I said “Business Mode” makes me productive which in turn makes me feel like a badass.) After hearing so many guest lectures, they always seem to preach best practices and tips but I feel like that the ultimate connection between all of them is that (professional) life doesn’t give you a game plan. All of these are just tips, but even if you follow the game plan you’re not guaranteed to win the war. So maybe I shouldn’t be so scared after all. Maybe they’re just faking it until they make it, too. 


If you’re still reading, because my life somehow sounds interesting to you, I think you deserve an award! If you’re in the same boat as me, I’ll see you on the other side hopefully floating and not sinking.


Best Wishes,


P.S. If you have any writing topics that you have stored up, I’d love a look since I’m kind of tired of writing these weekly “journals”. Just leave those in the comments, dank u! Next week I’ll get it together and write about Syrup (It’s my favorite book at the moment).


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