The Twitter Pledge

So it’s a little late but in honor of all the crazy that happened during the Grammy’s last Sunday I have drafted a pledge in order to make all of our lives better when using social media, particularly the great medium of Twitter. If you’re confused see my embedded tweet below. Plus if you’re on Tumblr you might have seen the new community guidelines which have put me in a very humorous mood (see “Gore, Mutilation, Bestiality, or Necrophilia” and/or “Confusion or Impersonation”).

The Twitter Pledge

The Twitter Pledge

As drafted by yours truly. (Also available for PDF download)

Have you signed? I definitely have and I’m holding you all accountable to call me out. But of course it’s a free country so do what you want, and don’t forget that this can be applied to almost all social media mediums because they all pretty much use hashtags now.

#PeaceOut #EnjoyYourWeekend

Best Wishes,


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