The Lost Thoughts

Do you ever wonder where thoughts and ideas go? They’re ideas that got away and left a shadowy past. We seem to gravitate towards the next big idea and have an obsession with inspiration. We seem to be talking about the origins of ideas behind the things and thoughts that change our perspectives. Hell, I’ve written about inspiration (1). Scott Ridley, among others, searched for the origins of our race with Prometheus. Even Wong Fu Productions has done a visually stunning mini-movie on where ideas come from (2).

Yet, it seems we always end up abandoning the forgotten thoughts that never progress. It’s not like when we forget where our keys disappear to. The action is carried out once we’ve located them. The thoughts I’m talking about are the ones where once forgotten, they are never actually found. Where do these thoughts go? Are they like phones when turned off at a movie theatre; left to dream? Or maybe they take the form of Neville Longbottom’s Rememberall. They’ll formulate in a cloud of red, but fail to show you exactly what you’ve forgotten. Maybe they weren’t so lost at all, just traveling and boomerang into your head five minutes later or five years later. To all the lost (some million-dollar) ideas I’ve had, I wish you luck and hopefully you’ll be found. But seriously if you’re a million-dollar idea, I’m looking to get you back.

So that was a little train-of-thought-thing that I wanted to share. It’s a little more creative than my previous quips here. In addition to things people usually don’t think of, I’ve been busy with birthday presents, making Chex Mix (for said birthday), biking, swimming, and stalking people. Digitally of course! And it’s not stalking if it’s publicly shared knowledge via social media. I’m just going to throw that out there. Plus, I’ve been taking meaningless quizzes on fictional characters (1 – GoT. I got Jaime, that’s weird right?) (2 – Almost all literary characters), and losing place of almost everything (time, thoughts, wallet, glasses, pretty much anything important). How long does a girl need to ask for a TARDIS around here? Multiple clones with excessive brain power also works. So as Miranda mentioned we’re shifting away from the topic based post schedule, and here was my attempt to mix things up with a split of insightful (possibly) and comical material. We’ll talk soon on our Required Reading book for this month (ie. this weekend).

Best Wishes,


P.S. Shout out to Amanda (aka Jelly Side Up) for connecting and becoming internet besties with us! Also, for linking us to the literary characters quiz.

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