We’re Backkkk

Hello everybody,

It’s Miranda – shocking I know, unless you don’t keep up with our schedule in which case this might seem completely normal to you. Anyway over the weekend Tiffanie and I discussed how we’re going to go about doing things differently on our blog and here’s the deal …

I fired Tiffanie…. JUST KIDDING we aren’t even getting paid for this. Also I would never even try to get rid or that sarcastic bundle of joy that I call my friend (this is supposed to be a compliment).

But seriously – here is the game plan; we’re changing things up around hurrrr *said in low man voice*

From now on:

#1: I will always post on Tuesdays and Tiffanie will always post on Fridays – we can still post random thoughts on different days but know that I will post every Tuesday and Tiffanie will post every Friday.

#2: On our designated days we can post about anything we want – meaning we aren’t just restricting ourselves to books on Tuesdays and complicated schedules and all that non-sense (although we can still write about books if we want to).

#3: According to Tiffanie: “The early bird gets the views” this translating into: we’re going to try and post earlier in the day instead of at midnight (note that I said the word ‘try’ – it will be a valiant effort)

#4: Our Required Reading book club is STILL ON because we love it so much, but, instead of doing two separate posts for two different weeks, Tiffanie and I are just going to put out one long ass post (kind of like our “The Shinning” movie review) on the last Sunday of the month

Ok so I believe that is it – we’re taking January to be our experimental month so bear with us. Nonetheless we’re excited for the changes we feel like they are simpler and they give us more creative freedom.

Welcome to the new and improved MTBOOOOKISH, we’re excited and we hope you are too!

Talk to you soon,


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