Brain Overload. Reboot Necessary.

Hello all,

As many of you (okay let’s be honest, a handful) may know, we’ve had a pretty rough week here on this blog especially in terms of content. For that we apologize. Well maybe Miranda doesn’t. I’m kidding of course! She’s a nice human being!
I guess we are in that state of being where we are running out of steam in terms of ideas, and maybe we are being limited due to our current schedule. Or rather we are finding it hard to convert musings and inspiration into content we are actually proud of. We will probably be discussing content in the next couple of days and there may or may not be a change in our operations. If there is a change, it probably won’t be too drastic. But we are trying to shake things up to keep us (and maybe even you) sane. It’s like cabin fever. We have been too cramped in our little home, so it’s time for a walk.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not walking away. Just rebooting and recollecting those creative juices.
So I’m just going to leave now. Plus I need to finish this month’s book. So bye and sorry for the epic fail this week!

Best Wishes,


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