Let’s Have A Chat

Hello again, 

So I’ve recently been posting late, missing days and I’m incredibly sorry about that (to probably only the 4 people who actually care) but here, let me give you a bit of background about myself (it’s about time huh, I’ve been on this thing for over 4 months now). I’m going to put out a blanket statement and then probably contradict it but just bare with me – it should make sense… I’m hoping it does.

I rarely finish what I start. 

Now here’s where the contradicting part comes in because it depends. I finish my homework (most of the time), for the most part I finish all the books I start, and don’t equate this statement to me being an unreliable person (I think I’m quite wonderfully reliable… right Tiffanie?), I’ve only ever followed through on one long-term project thus far (writing a musical for my Senior Project which I’ll probably make a separate post on). Once I got a red Lego car that was really amazing, it had a bunch of pieces and I had to build it and I was really excited – after a while though I got really bored and just left it alone for a good year or two. My brother ended up building it for me because he was annoyed that it I wasn’t finishing it.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering where the heck I’m going with all of this and I’ll tell you, right after these commercial messages… I’m kidding (I hope you smiled or else that was a failed joke). What I’m trying to say (I’m obviously not good with brevity) is that this is something completely new to me – and being a person with slight commitment issues this is going to be a trial (I never even thought I would last as long as I have) but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere (unless you hate what I post – then you should probably worry because I’m sticking around). 

That’s all I had to say about that – I just confessed that I have commitment issues…. That’ll be great for any future relationships, ha!

Also here’s some stuff to look forward too:

Our book for this month’s book club is SlaughterHouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and I swear, Tiffanie and I love it when anyone talks to us in the comments so if you’ve read it or want to we’d love (and I mean love) to talk to you about it, I find it very quirky so far.

We have a page for our book club (called Required Reading) and for next month if you want some light reading we’re going to read a romance novel because why not – just a heads up it’s very steamy – like really…. All the titles will be in the required reading section.

SEAHAWKS play this Sunday so watch out for that – we’re going to kill the 49er’s.. hopefully – Anyway, I’m excited for that.

Bruce Springsteen just dropped his new album “High Hopes” and it’s marvelous – I’ve been tweeting about it because it’s amazing. My two favorites on the album are “The Wall” and “49 Shots” but seriously it’s all amazing, just such a great album.

Lastly… Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globe for Wolf of Wallstreet, so if that’s any indication of an Oscar win then I’m totally on board.

I think that’s everything,

I hope you all had a great Wednesday and all that jazz



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