End Of The Year Movie Trailer Geek Out Starts Right Now


Do I love movies? Yes! Nonetheless one of my favorite things about going to the movies are actually the massive amount of trailers before the actual film that I paid to see. I’ve come to understand that this actually annoys some people and for all the heavens I can’t seem to understand why. Movie trailers are like the best thing! They are mini movies – how does one not love something like that?! I’ll even tell you a little embarrassing secret…. Some movie trailers even make me cry…..

One of the reasons why I love this time of year is that amazing editors on YouTube and what not, take a massive amount of films that have been released within the year and cut their trailers into one long cinematic masterpiece – and it give you all the feels and so much more. These editors somehow mash together amazing music, various cinematic shots, and combine them with quotes from the films to just pull on all your heart strings! It’s brilliant and amazing – I can’t fathom how they edit more than 100+ movie trailers into this coherent beautiful trailer of 2013.

They are inspirational and after you watch them you go “This is amazing I want to do it!” and then you try for like 10 minutes and realize that it’s hard fucking work and so you give up, watch it again, and then try again because they are that good!

One of my favorite ones of this year is by Gen Ip (she is amazing by the way):
Here is a link to the one she did for 2013 – she has others on her channel which I recommend as well. I also really like Kees van Dijkhuizen jr. he hasn’t done stuff lately because he’s trying something new but his channel has great edits and he just released a trailer for new material coming in 2014 so I’m very excited.

Note: Watch these in full HD, full screen and enjoy!!! Just take it all in! I usually watch them at least 20 times until I’m remotely satisfied – they’re just really really great.

So the next time I’m running late and someone says “take you’re time we can skip the 20 minutes of trailers anyway…” I might just punch you in the face… not really because I’m not that strong but I’ll yell – you have been warned.

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