Deal Day!

SURPRIIISSEE! It’s two for one day. Not only to celebrate the end of a great year for us here on this little blog, but also because we… We… Well we didn’t really end up finishing our Required Reading book for the month. Curse you George R.R. Martin! I didn’t even make it halfway through.


So instead I’ll try to appease you by talking about the 3 movies that I probably should have seen already. Don’t judge me! Sorry if you’re tired of these lists. But I’m literally writing this 45 minutes until I need to post. So I’ll make it short.

1.       Don Jon featuring the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julianne Moore. I’m a sucker for a little JGL in my life. Plus he probably had triple the responsibility by directing, writing and acting in it.

2.       The Spectacular Now with Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. I randomly found this trailer while procrastinating for some school assignment and it looked sweet and real. Plus Shailene Woodley is slowly winding her way into my heart.

3.       A bunch of everything including Catching Fire, The Butler, Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World (I really want to see Natalie Portman hit Tom Hiddleston), Gravity, The Lone Ranger, etc. With that I think you get my point.

In general, I think I was a little more TV heavy this year. I found so many good shows! Let’s chat about ‘em? If not about movies or TV shows what was some of your favorite moments from the year? Or what you’re looking forward to in 2014 since it’s probably the new year in over half the world.


As always best wishes,


As Miranda mentioned, make good choices. I just found a gif of it from Pitch Perfect (Love this movie).


Not our image. I’ve linked it to the original owner. Thanks Tumblr!


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