Funday Photoshoots and more!

Today, Miranda and I were super productive. We even got up at the wee hour of 12…..  

       PM. Noon. That’s pretty good considering Miranda had just finished 24 hour-no-sleep-day finishing up finals. 

We spent a good six and half hours revamping the blog. You’ll see the changes especially from a desktop computer. We edited our about page and created a contact page that gives a short blurb about each of us in addition to our other links. But one of the biggest things we hope you notice are the photos! We had a fun day just taking some photos, plus it makes our gravatar profile/thumbnail look a lot cleaner than the two stacked photos of us. Plus we think we look snazzy and cute. Here’s a photo that I posted to my Instagram of the photos we took. 

We look snazzy. Wrong filter choice, though. My bad!

In addition we finally got around to responding to our Liebster Award nomination. We are so grateful! We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about us (we warned you it would be long!). In our layout you might also see the Bloglovin’ widget at the bottom of the page/ each post. If you have various accounts through WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr to name a few Bloglovin’ seems to be a nifty tool that allows you to have all that content in one convenient place. We’re still somewhat figuring it out, but it seems useful. Plus we went to the gym and it felt so good to be productive!

To all those who are still finishing up finals, good luck! 

Happy holidays! What is/was your post-final celebration routine?

Best Wishes,


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