My Life: A Partial Rant

Some days I really hate my life. I hate my situation and I really just want to give up. I mean it’s such a pain to leave my cozy bed in the morning and it was 29F the night before making my frizzy hair stand straight like icicles. But you know what blows even more?

Having poopy internet. It’s one thing when you know you have a great connection; your computer is compatible and in love with your router. But your router hates your connection and ISP. It’s like when you have in-laws that just don’t get you. The mom has already judged you and determined you will not be fit for her darling child. Like I said: It blows.

Now, don’t go saying #firstworldproblems. One because I can get sick of the overuse of hashtags (see Jimmy Fallon and JT explain/parody it if you haven’t) and two it’s called sarcasm. Partly. The great thing about sarcasm is that there is some truth built between it. Plus I like to think of myself as comic relief. Sometimes when it’s just too serious it’s time to bust in like a wrecking ball and just spread love. With sarcasm. Well, at least I think I’m hilarious. Of course some people call it crazy. But aren’t we all?

But seriously, having poopy internet can be a pain not only for productivity reasons. It’s like saying the dog ate your homework in this day and age. It’s an unbelievable excuse. And I want to be funny and liked, not an excuse-maker (is there even a correct term for these kinds of people?) At least I hope you get my point. Having poop internet is just as bad an excuse for trying to get out of things, even when you are not purposely doing trying to get of a situation. Do you really want to know how bad my internet speeds are? Having more than one user on slows down the speeds by tenfold. Well, I could be exaggerating but when things are less instant than at normal-ish speeds, it definitely feels like a lifetime.

And that’s why calling our ISP is being added to my “To Do” List for items I need to accomplish once I get on break. Did I mention that the quarter is almost over? Just two more weeks until I can be a semi-couch potato and play TV catch-up!

Hope your Thanksgiving (for those in ‘murica—is it an international tradition?) was full of laughter, smiles, and good pies. Shout out to Miranda’s mom for making a killer apple pie!

As always best wishes,


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