One of The Best Things Ever!!!!!!

Ok so just like the title says this thing is absolutely brilliant and even though I don’t understand the technical terms that surround this beautiful piece of art I will explain my feelings in the common tongue in hopes that they mean something. You know what I’m talking about? DANCE! Dance baby dance!

All right, so here’s the thing, I usually stay away from the infestation that is reality tv or contest shows BUT the dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, is something I would call brilliant! The choreographers? EXQUISIT! The Dancers? AMAZING! The routines? MINDBLOWING! So much great material has come from that amazing show that just showcases such great talent.

I’d like to talk about one routine in particular that is stunning, and that is Travis Wall’s and Amy’s contemporary piece to “Wicked Games”. SO GOOD!!! Now I have absolutely no idea about dance terminology, there are lines and lifts and I’m pretty sure I get that but some of the Italian or fancy wording I haven’t the slightest clue about.

Nonetheless I shall point out fantastic parts that make my blood pumping muscle oh so happy! So these two wonderful body movers are great emotional actors: right in the beginning when Travis drags his hand over Amy’s throat and you just look at her face it’s like his hand is the conductor of her emotions and it enables viewers to feel in the way that Amy’s character feels when Travis touches her. Don’t you even get me started on the timing in this piece! Ok well too late because I’m going for it: the timing with every major note in the song is precisely matched to the movements of the body’s of the dancers. I can’t even begin to express how accurate each move is. I’ll give you some examples: so when Travis and Amy both do a spin thing (see I’m bad with the vocabulary) it’s right on the musical note – go watch it! When Travis lifts Amy off the ground, again, right on the note! When Amy spins and flies into Travis’ arms, AGAIN, RIGHT ON THE FUCKING MUSICAL DOT! It’s just so brilliant how Travis Wall was about to choreograph this beautiful story so perfectly. It’s so good and both dancers make it look so flawless and easy but they have got to be incredibly strong and flexible to do all these moves. Travis of course when he is doing the lifts but there is one point in the dance where Amy bends her back in this weird/beautiful/how-did-you-do-that type of way that is just astounding.

I’m so glad for contest shows and reality shows because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have these rare programs that actually highlight beautiful art. I just love it so much!!!




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