Do You Need To Catch Up On 50 Shades of Grey? Well Do I Have A Solution For You!

So my post today is basically going to be a tangent from Tiffanie’s Tuesday post because who doesn’t like off topic tangents every once in a while? That’s right, NO ONE!
Let’s talk 50 Shades of Grey not because it’s a fabulous book but because in the past year I’ve stumbled upon the most wonderful person to actually read the first book to me so I didn’t actually have to pick the book up myself. Thing is though, now that the hype of the movie is causing so much resurgence of the story I thought it would be ever so kind of me to point you in the right direction of a wonderful refresher – you know, in case you were thinking something like OH MY GAWD the movie is coming out in like a year unless they keep pushing it back but my life is sooo hectic that I just can’t refresh on the book! I NEED HELP!!!  Or maybe you’re reaction is like this: I NEED TO REMEMEBR THIS CRUCIAL PLOT LINE THAT IS INTROSPECTIVE, DEEP (no pun intended 😉 ), AND SOOOO ROMANTIC! BUT I DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ THE BOOK AGAIN! Well mysterious person in utter emotional chaos, do I have a solution for you!

The directions are incredibly simple: Go to the wonderful world of YouTube and type in “Paige Reads Fifty Shades of Grey” and oh good mother of the lord are these readings informative! Let me just say something right now: she makes fun of the book from the very get-go and who can blame her, it’s just sort of horrible in many, many, many ways. Nonetheless, if this book is your bread and butter you might get a little offended by her very sarcastic rendition of just everything. It’s really funny though and I have to say if I ever end up doing YouTube this is something I would probably do – so I obviously completely love it!

Now, fair warning, Paige’s audio is kind of terrible so when she goes on melodramatic sounding things the audio becomes scratchy but she’s doing it all from her computer’s camera so you can’t really expect any more then what you get.

Anyway I absolutely love this girl and it’s sad that she stopped doing these after the first book but good news, the movie hasn’t even come out yet so in the meantime you can catch up with some snarky sarcastic humor!  Her videos are a thing to be enjoyed so GO FORTH AND LOVE THE RIDICULE OF 50 SHADES OF GREAY! I know I will 😉





(P.S. Here is the link to her first chapter in case you were too lazy to go to YouTube yourself: )

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