Happy Tuesday everyone! As I’m sitting here creating content, hating it, then immediately deleting it because I’m unhappy with it I thought I’d talk about inspiration; because I currently have none. I’m pretty much distracting myself from actually writing my novel for NaNoWriMo (I started with a 4,000 word deficit from par this morning).

                One thing books and novels spring from could easily be from other books and novels. Let’s take the example of Twilight (by Stephanie Meyer) and the 50 Shades (by E.L. James) series. I’ll admit it. At one point, when I was a fetal adult, I actually adored Twilight and continued to re-read and re-read it awaiting the next book in the series. That is until about four-years later when the novel started to pick up in publicity and my mind was effectively changed by actual literature that was smart and had a romantic story line built in and realized, well, just how crappy the story was written. Anyways, imagine my surprise when I started to constantly hear about a series that took its inspiration from another author’s story, that novel being Twilight. It was interesting to hear that the new novel was being dubbed “mommy-porn”, I mean Twilight is almost the exact opposite of that. It’s half filled with willful glances and teen angst. What I’m really trying to get at is when inspiration turns into duplication.

                From what I know the only duplication involved with the 50 Shades series is an equally bad character development where the girl (Anastasia Steele) is so unsure of what she actually wants. Of course I’m basing this all off of a YouTube playlist where Paige (she’s hilarious) reads the series because I’m too chicken to read it. Plus I’m a poor college student.

                Using this information I’m wondering if where one bases their information and even receives inspiration from affects the outcome of what is produced from this? If that it is the case, is the success of the 50 Shades series because of the success of Twilight (badly written story and all)? To bring this all back to perspective, at least mine, I hope that my life provides enough inspiration to the parts I pick and bring to my novel this month in addition to maybe living a better lifestyle. Now I’m not saying if I follow the exact actions of Ghandi I’ll be exalted forever, I mean that’s no fun living someone else’s life. Just that small gestures, can actually amount to big deeds. To all a goodnight, and if you’re writing a novel this month… Best wishes.


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