Let’s Talk: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Granted this will be a one sided conversation but a conversation nonetheless – basically you get to hear my opinion and then if you have any opinions that’d be cool, and then you can write a comment which would be even cooler, and then I’ll respond because I like chatting with people and then EVERYTHING […]

One of The Best Things Ever!!!!!!

Ok so just like the title says this thing is absolutely brilliant and even though I don’t understand the technical terms that surround this beautiful piece of art I will explain my feelings in the common tongue in hopes that they mean something. You know what I’m talking about? DANCE! Dance baby dance! All right, […]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Thoughts and….. I’m not sure

Quick recap: this month’s Required Reading (more info about that here, if you’re new to our site) was Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   Now that that’s settled… I guess you could say I’m a little disappointed. But it’s not really Capote’s fault. I blame myself because I decided to watch the movie first rather […]

“High Literature”? WHAT!?!?!

(This picture was taken off a google image search of the word “literature” – It ain’t mine people) Hello again everyone! I’d like to take this Tuesday to go on a mini rant, now don’t worry your pretty little head – I think it’s a legitimate rant. So if you haven’t guessed already, I’m an […]

Do You Need To Catch Up On 50 Shades of Grey? Well Do I Have A Solution For You!

So my post today is basically going to be a tangent from Tiffanie’s Tuesday post because who doesn’t like off topic tangents every once in a while? That’s right, NO ONE! Let’s talk 50 Shades of Grey not because it’s a fabulous book but because in the past year I’ve stumbled upon the most wonderful […]


                Happy Tuesday everyone! As I’m sitting here creating content, hating it, then immediately deleting it because I’m unhappy with it I thought I’d talk about inspiration; because I currently have none. I’m pretty much distracting myself from actually writing my novel for NaNoWriMo (I started with a […]

Stanley Kubrick, This Ain’t Some Visionary *Bleeeeep*

(NOTE: The Italic parts are Miranda interjecting, she didn’t have internet at the time I wrote this so she went and added her parts in after the fact. Now on to the post!) You all get a little more content than a normal week! On Halloween, per the brilliant decision of Miranda, *That’s me!*, we decided to […]

It’s That Time of the Month: Administravia

You initially thought I was talking about the women’s cycle that happens to usually occur once a month didn’t you? Tut tut.  Anyways, we, or at least I have exciting news for you all. We have updated our Required Reading given that it’s a new month, and that means a new book. We decided to […]