Funday Friday: Music Edition

Hello everyone, 

I know the last Friday I was on I talked about music and an unknown artist by the name of Brendan James and this time is no different. Now first you may be thinking, ‘this girl likes a hell of a lot of ‘unknown’ artists – she’s probably like a hipster or something’. One, I do have black rim glasses, two, I do like ‘hipster’ fashion cause it looks so comfy with all them sweaters and beanies and coffee, but I have a real problem with the ideology of liking someone or something just because they aren’t mainstream. If an artist I like does well: starts playing on the radio or getting more recognition then I should be happy for their success, now they will be paid well to produce more of the art that I like. This should be a good thing people!

The band is called “The Young Romans” and they are brilliant! If anyone has seen the film “Fishing in the Yemen” their song, “Where You Go” plays at the very end and it’s just so magical – like seriously magical, I see myself riding a unicorn and flying to Olympus when I listen to this song. Ok not really bet the song itself is super cinematic and same with a load of their other songs. They are brilliant for video editing music, montage music, road trips, and at times when you just want to feel fucking amazing!

Unlike Brendan James they are fairly new artists, comprising of singer/piano-player Brad Hooks and singer/guitar-player Sari Mellafe. “The Young Romans” have produced one EP “Yesterday Night” in 2010 and then in 2012 is when their full length album “Tiger Child” came on the scene. They are a brilliant mix of both the Indie and Pop scene and they should definitely be more recognized than they are now. 

Some songs I recommend: 

Where You Go (Easily one of the best things you’ll hear ever! Unless you’re into Metal…)
New Beginnings (has a One Republic sound to it which is lovely)
Naive (My second favorite song on their new album – after Where You Go)
Nothing Good About Goodbyes (I fall asleep to this song because it’s amazing! not because it’s boring)
Upside Down (you could just visualize this as a music video)
Probably True (off their EP and just so good!)

If you have time or room in your music schedule you should defiantly give them a go on Spotify or YouTube because I think their worth the watch. Their music just makes you feel things you know!?!?! UGH THE FEEEELLLLLSSSSS (yes I know I’m a Tumblr kid)

Ok, that’s it


– Miranda  

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