Short but deep (It’s not an innuendo T.T)

A couple of days ago, my mind was wandering (as it often does) while I was waiting for a traffic light. I don’t even remember what my original thought was (probably food). But that’s beside the point. My mind ended up thinking about my human contribution to the world, and how or if I am decreasing the amount of world suck. As you can tell we are big Vlogbrother’s fans. Along these lines I started to think if I’m not contributing to the world in a positive manner or a negative one do I even have the right to be alive? It’s an interesting question, and quite frankly I’m not sure as I could advocate for either one. Quite a lot of things are subjective in this world and they are surrounded in a gray haze. This haze definitely doesn’t help in making decisions and knowing if you’re going down a metaphorical Niagara Falls to your death, or just around a simple river bend. But I guess this is where hope and faith come into play where you just wait and see the outcome of your decision.

Life and existential questions like this poke in to my head every now and then, leaving me to ponder on human behavior and evaluate my own. Now I’m not asking you to start pondering all the decisions you’ve made in your life, heck I’m just happy you’re here in this moment and have stuck with this post so far. I’d like to know your thoughts, on just your outlook and maybe how you deal with decisions.

For me I just let it simmer usually until it fades, then let it ebb back in like a constant tide. But I’ve also found comfort in beautiful quotes and prayers. If you’re not Christian/spiritual feel free to skip over this part and please don’t feel that I’m forcing religion onto you, that’s absolutely the opposite of my intention. I just thought I’d share things that I’ve found beautiful recently.

One: The serenity prayer.

            “[God], Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

              The courage to change the things I can,

              And the wisdom to know the difference.”

Two: A quote by pianist James Rhodes.

                “88 keys, and within that, an entire universe.”

If you’ve stayed and read the whole post, thank you. If you skipped over the quotes, thank you. I know this was not really a fun kind of post, but balance needs to be had in my opinion. I’d love to hear your thoughts (maybe we can have some kind of lovely discussion). But as always, do what feels comfortable.


As Always Best Wishes,



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