FunDay Friday: Let’s Talk Music

Hello everyone! So I don’t know if “Funday Friday” is going to be a thing but I think it might be; I guess I shouldn’t fight it I mean look, it is already happening, oh and woops there it is! Well that’s that.

Anyway let’s make this post about music; specifically one artist who has been in the industry for quite some time but has been floating under everyone’s radar and he really shouldn’t be.

Brendan James!

I felt like the big reveal of his name needed it’s own line for dramatic effect. Anyway Brendan is a really cool cat and when you want to expand your musical interests then you should definitely check him out.

History Time! So Brendan was born in New Hampshire, his parents split up when he was just a wee lad so he was bouncing between them quite often when he was younger. When he was 19 going to college to major in Voice (later changing to communications) his friend told him that he should learn an instrument. So at 19 he decided to learn the piano, and since he couldn’t afford a piano he would sneak into a hotel every chance he had to play their grand piano in their lobby. This resulted in him being kicked out of the hotel on numerous occasions but now he is a fantastic piano player and actually he has been known to say that he will never do a performance where he isn’t sitting at the piano singing. That gives hope to all of you late coming music people; keep on your dream! This became really cheesy really fast. Continuing, he left college and moved to Hollywood, signing to a Capital Records, which then dropped him later. Anyway the story goes where he got another record deal and bam! Brendan James the artist became officially born! But barely anyone knows about him, why?!?!

If you’re someone who is into soft rock, piano dominated music you’re going to love his voice that just melts in your ears (that seems like a very disgusting image but seriously just listen to some of his stuff). Brendan mixes many aspects of his life into his music trying to draw on experiences such as his parents’ divorce (shown in songs like “The Other Side”). His music is very raw and brings different aspects to a standard breakup song or love song.

I sincerely insist that whomever be reading this go at least check him out. He has sung about soldiers, about love, about loss, about his own internal struggles as a person, artist, and as a son.

Some songs that I recommend (ranging from his earliest work to his most recent album):

“Hero’s Song”
“Early April Morning”
“The Other Side”
“Take the Fall”
“Nothing for Granted”
“The Fall”
“Anything for You”
“The Lucky Ones”
“The Skeptic”

Brendan James is on YouTube, Spotify, ITunes, and probably any other place you choose to find him.

As always, Best wishes and have a great day!



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