Erm. Funday Friday? Thoughts on TV Programs.

It’s Friday, early in the morning. I’m up. I took a nap hence my sleeping schedule is forever ruined. At least for the next week it is. So what else is keeping me up? One is the fact that my roomie blogger (Miranda) just killed (figuratively of course) her first post in a letter to author John Green. How am I supposed to top that? Two is the added pressure of trying to figure out something to muse about as Fridays mean free topic day. Which translates to #YOLO. So I guess I’ll go out and say it…

Why do all the good shows start when colleges start? And more so, why do they disappear when we go on summer break only to invite horrible re-runs and pretty much the monotonous drawl of not-so-great news? Well I have a theory for that. And I know many have lamented the days of season finales where we will have to figure out what will take the place of 8 PM television, or whenever you watch. I think it’s first to torture us. Like the creators and producers thinking “Oh you have school. Here’s a show that has great drama, great characters. Everything you could possibly be looking for. Oh, you say you have to read for class. Oh, you mean a mid-term. Well, that’s too bad for you.” Wah, wah, wah. But the thing is, these people have to make their money and right now we are only starting to become a huge market segment with buying power. The key words are buying power, because let’s face it, we probably are in debt with student loans and maybe still living with mom and dad. There’s no shame in admitting the facts, and if you are doing quite well and not in this situation—more power to you! Secondly, the actors, directors, crew, et al do need breaks just like everyone else. I mean it’s not like all their brilliance and cliff hangers can be harnessed being worked every single day. So I guess I will say that everyone deserves a break (and not just a kit-kat break). What gets me more upset is why content cannot be rotated. Why can’t we have good drama, comedy, etc. throughout the year? It’s like saying you only get PB & J’s for the school year, during summer you only get bread. What up with that? It’s during the summer where all the networks decide to take it off and bring in the second string, heck even bench players because every other network is doing the same thing. I think summer is the time to continue building your brand and audience, especially as television is a dying art due to online mediums. You’re lucky baby boomers still have some buying power and are more reluctant to technology. This is why I enjoy networks like USA where they shuffle their shows, each coming to the fore at different parts of the year. I have been a fan of Suits and Covert Affairs for a while. Not a fan of Necessary Roughness, but I applaud you for scheduling.  Now, while summer gives more time to catch up on all the episodes we missed during the school year, I would be interested in seeing new content especially as old shows are being shuffled out with finales/cancellations. As a Gen Y consumer, I’m up to try new shows and stay loyal once I recognize they appeal to me. Summer, I believe is one of the best times to launch shows as people are more relaxed. That is as long as you can draw them to a TV or online source. But of course that’s a different matter. You could be yelling at me going “Yo, yo, yo. Dawg, just go find a new network or show you haven’t watched” (Yes that was supposed to be in a Randy Jackson voice). And maybe I should just find new shows and distractions, and yes I am probably rambling on, but the bigger point is I think we all might be lacking the drive to remain creative and push the boundaries just because everyone else is doing the same thing. So stay fresh friends, throughout the year.

As always best wishes,


P.S. If you’re wondering what shows I’m currently into. The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, New Girl, and Shark Tank are some of my favs.

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