Literary Literate Tuesdays – Ain’t That a Tongue Twister

I’m assuming since you stumbled on to this here blog that you like books in some type of capacity or another, why else would you click on a blog that has the word “bookish” in the title. Now if I haven’t totally lost you there is a book that I just finished reading and would […]

Funday Friday: Music Edition

Hello everyone,  I know the last Friday I was on I talked about music and an unknown artist by the name of Brendan James and this time is no different. Now first you may be thinking, ‘this girl likes a hell of a lot of ‘unknown’ artists – she’s probably like a hipster or something’. […]

The Shining by Stephen King, Tiff’s Take

First let me say, that I’m not highly read in the King universe. I’ve had some exposure with Uncle Stevie when he was a guest columnist on Entertainment Weekly. Here’s two of my favs (1) (2). That being said, I also don’t gravitate towards the horror section. I’m an easy sell in the Young Adult […]

Required Reading: October – The Shining

There is something you should probably know about me: I hate any horror filled related thing. Now here’s to say that I just don’t find the idea of scaring myself a great thing to do, I’d rather spend my times doing other activities or even sleeping honestly. So then why pick Stephan King’s, The Shining? Well I […]