When Will These Things go Mainstream?

I’m trying this out. We may or may not do this in the future. Also, do you care about my face or am I being narcissistic?

Yes, I freely admit that I am a little northwestern (not the university) hipster. I mean I have these fantastic spectacles, have an encyclopedic knowledge on coffee, and brew my own beverages.

Wait, that’s not really me. Well, except the spectacles part (see above photo; and why not selfie for the heck of it?). But today, I share with you a couple of things that aren’t highly known or regarded as “popular” or “cool” in the USA. At least it seems like that to me. If something is thought of as cool, let me know. That way I can take it off my list and/or I can tell myself I’m more mainstream than I think I am.


The first is cycling. Sure we have the die hards, especially in Seattle being so bike friendly, but most of the country don’t regard the legends like Greg LeMonde or Eddy Mercx in the same light as our famed Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. I’m not saying Wilson isn’t awesome, just that there’s a different degree of fame for football players and cyclists. Although the sport has been growing in the US (see: The Tour of California bringing in huge names like Sir Wiggins and Mr. Cavendish), it’s still a mystery when I say I admire and have a teensy crush on Taylor Phinney. But if I said I really admire Russell Wilson, it’s pretty easy to visualize who I’m talking about, unless of course you hid under a rock during the Superbowl.


The second item on my list is french fries. But with mayo. I did a Tumblr post on it a while ago when I picked up the delicacy from my study abroad, but my craving is still unfulfilled. I’m not talking about the fast food fries filled with grease, somehow the fries I’m thinking about are not greasy and not overly salted. Plus you get a selection of your sauce. I’m a believer in the mayo version because it’s not a weird texture like the regular mayo (it’s more of ketchup consistency rather than chunky, spoiled milk). Plus it’s sweeter and is a great compliment to the simplicity of the fry.


And really, that’s all I can think of for now. Which is kind of sad, but I’m looking forward to the growing popularity of these items. It will be such a great feeling when we welcome home our American cyclists particularly in the same light as our basketball stars, and not just every four years. Plus knowing the integrity behind these athletes to race clean (but you can ask me how I feel about doping in the comments. *hint hint, nudge nudge*).


Also, I’d be interested to hear things (any noun!) that you are waiting for to grow in popularity.

Best wishes,


Get Ready for Summer: The Spectacular Now

Good MORNING! Yes, this post is reaching you bright and early. At least if you’re anywhere between EST and PST. This should be marked in your calendar as a miracle especially since it was in the high 80s here in Seattle, which means I’m practically sweating just sitting here. I’m bringing it back to the sexy days of old (aka six months ago) when we reviewed books and other literary mediums. I’ll be reviewing The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. I’ve mentioned the movie adaptation in an older post. (You can click here if you want to read that later; it’s not too exciting) Plus I’ve watched the movie fairly recently, which you would know if you care about my Twitter game. But on to the review!


In case you care what my cover looked like. Plus it’s the movie poster too. (From Google Image)

I would probably classify this book as one of those novels every teen should read as it can be seen as a coming-of-age type of book. But I think it’s just as relevant for an adult. It shows sides of human emotion that are pretty universal in coming to terms with love and the first time you find you love someone. And it’s the love with a big fat “L” for the special person you love besides your family and are physically attracted to.


The book follows high school senior Sutter Keely as he interacts with his hot ex-girlfriend Cassidy, his best friend Ricky, his family (particularly his mother, sister, and father), and maybe-attracted-to shy girl Aimee Finecky. Sutter and Aimee become friends and do learn from and with each other in the moments they are together.


Without spoiling the plot too much, I really enjoyed the fact that Sutter is such a likeable character. He is a person I would be jealous of since he seems to be a chameleon in social situations. He would be the class clown, but one who hides behind this character to hide his vulnerability and his intelligence in a way. You’ll love how he seems to be the life of the party, but want to scold him a little when things get out of hand. But regardless, you’ll feel like you could be Sutter as well and in general the feelings of being young and free. Being a teen.


In regards to reading difficulty, it felt like an easy ride and a fairly enjoyable one. There’s a tremendous amount of emotion, ones that are similar to the rollercoaster of emotions you might feel as a teen or recall feeling packed into a pretty tiny novel. The book is less than 300 pages.


Besides wanting to read the book, I actually saw the movie first. I honestly couldn’t wait and the movie was just sitting there at the Redbox, so I guess you can guess what ended up happening. If you plan on reading the book, you’ll want to see the movie too. This works vice versa as well. I personally think that the book could be read after the movie, but if you have a strong preference towards the opposite then that is absolutely fine as well. Both forms of the story complement each other very well.


There are different moments that are present in the book but not in the movie, but also additions to the movie that are not in the book. All of the collective moments still aid in telling the story of Sutter and his character development. There’s a great scene in the movie at the end where we see a greater connection between Sutter and his mom that seemed to be missing from the novel. In addition, the special/added features in the DVD helped to show how people can feel differently about being loved in the forms of Sutter and Aimee. It mentions how Aimee is open in her belief that no one loves her, whereas Sutter feels the same way but disguises it in his actions (you can find out about his actions when you see the movie/read the book).


In all, The Spectacular Now just reminds me of summer in its casualness but also with the constant reminder of the fall to follow. It feels like the type of drama/comedy that should be watched in the summer. Plus the summer will give you ample time to read through the novel as well. The combination of the two should definitely be added to your Summer To-Do List. Don’t forget the sunscreen and lemonade. Or maybe a whiskey seven (props if you get this reference). Embrace the weird (extra points if you get this too).


Best Wishes,


Four Things Not To Do On Tinder


(Picture from Google)

If you don’t know what Tinder is, it’s a dating app that you can download for your phone. Basically you see a few photos of a person, a small bio that they write (if they choose to write one), and your mutual likes on Facebook. Than if you don’t want to talk to them you swipe their picture left, if you want to talk to them you swipe right. If they swipe right on your picture too than you can message one another in a chat window. Super simple right?
Since I have been actively using Tinder for a month now I am obviously at an expert level where I can tell you the top four things that annoy me on the app. So without further ado, here are my four please don’ts of Tinder.

One: Your Bio

Do not tell me what to do in your bio. ‘Have fun’ ‘Live life to the fullest’ ‘Work hard, play harder’ or ‘don’t take people for granted’. Excuse me but your bio does not need to be a passive aggressive replica of my mother. Also please don’t make your bio a whole essay or just throw out a philosophical quote and leave it at that. First off I don’t have time to read your life story (I’m already in college – I’m done with the whole personal statement bit for a while); and I don’t want to read some incredibly smart quote Albert Einstein once said, unless you are Albert Einstein – in which case I will still swipe left because you’re too old for me. Also if your bio says ‘I don’t judge people’, you’re indicating that extremely well by being on Tinder.

Two: Shirtless Pictures

Shirtless pictures are actually great, which I’m sure most people will agree with. Your shirtless picture should, though, include your face and exclude your penis or almost penis. Tinder is a very superficial app so go on with your shirtless self but I would like to see your face sitting on top of those abs – also don’t Photoshop your face on a pack of abs that aren’t yours – you think we can’t tell, but we can.

Three: More Picture Problems

I want to see pictures of you, not Link from The Legend of Zelda– I know he isn’t a 22-year-old male who likes Mumford and Sons, lives in Prague, and has a winky face in his bio – also he isn’t real, how dumb do you think I am? Have more than one picture of yourself that, again, contains YOUR face, your REAL face: not a face under a helmet, an abstract painting of your face, a picture of you that’s too far to see your face, or a silhouette of your face – I’m not sure how many times I have to emphasize this, it’s honestly not that hard – just show me your face! I’m still ranting here: please stop posting pictures with you macking out with other girls or licking other girls (you think I haven’t seen that but oh boy have I) – it’s not flattering, it doesn’t make me want you more, and it most certainly doesn’t make me jealous – it just makes me wonder why you’re on Tinder at all.

Four: Messages

This can go both ways. Please don’t send me really long message right off the bat – this goes with the bio thing, I do not know you enough yet to care to read a long paragraph about the single question I asked you – wait until the conversation goes on for more than a couple of days. I know that sounds rude but this is an app that mostly judges people off their looks, what do you expect? Also if you reply with one worded answers or just a sentence you either don’t want to talk to the person or are extremely boring – most of the time I’ll assume the latter and give up trying, in which case, if your reason was the first one, well then, you win.

Tinder on everybody, Tinder on.

– Miranda

Oh and P.S. I’m Back Bitches! 🙂

DocuDiary: New Words!

To all of those who celebrate it and/or care, Good Friday to you! (You can either take it as the Kanye West version or the religious version. If I missed some other reference, my apologies). Has it been two weeks since this blog’s seen activity? You also have our apologies. *You win a prize if you can catch all the corny moments!*

This week, I’m documenting my glamorous life in a new fashion. I have a few of my favorite words from the past two weeks. They’re a combo of words I learned or words I think just aren’t being used enough. So it should be entertaining and educational! It’ll be like a boring documentary you don’t care about combined with something you do care about like Game of Thrones (everyone has a connection to GoT). Though, I can say there probably won’t be as much violence. You’ll just have to read along (At least I’m not making you wait like eight years for each post, although it might feel like it)

Word #1!
Maul. You might be thinking, “You said it wouldn’t be violent!” Yes, but then you are probably thinking about maul being used as a verb. Did you know it is also a noun? I learned it was a noun as a couple of friends and I went to our local natural history museum where there was a phallic maul on display. “Maul” can also mean a heavy hammer or in the archaic term as a heavy club or mace. I couldn’t lie about this, and here is proof!  (click here as I didn’t really want the picture in the reader to show a phallic maul…..)

Sacrosanct. Although it probably it won’t be a surprise when you hear the definition, I have been reading for fun, and I saw this word and it really isn’t being used that often in common language. So, when you want to sound educated and it fits the situation, smack someone with a little wordplay! Because we all know, intelligence is sexy.
Here’s the definition: (adj.) extremely sacred; not to be entered; above or beyond criticism, change, or interference.

And finally, word #3!
Miffed. (adj.) Put into an irritable mood. You might be thinking that I grew up in the wrong time period and have an old soul. You’re probably correct. But I mean, if you’re feeling a little angry but not quite P.O’d feel free to use miffed. The only possible side effect is that you might be mistaken for a cute little kitten. I guess they should be careful, because they never know if you have a maul laying around! Hey, yo! Yeah, I’ll see myself out now.

I hope you enjoyed this break to your day. Best wishes, maybe talk to y’all next Friday. Also be sure to comment on your favorite words this week or words that aren’t being used enough.

– Tiffanie
P.S. The definitions I used are from Dictionary.com. Don’t kill or sue me.

Music Suggestions, Please

Dearest Reader,

If you’re wondering about Miranda’s safety I have news for you. She has safely made it abroad and I’ve seen her smiling face being tagged on Facebook. You should also follow her on Instagram (*cough selfless plug cough*) so you can see where she’s been. Plus, I’m sure she’ll be posting more soon.

This week, I need your help. I know I haven’t talked music on here very much, except for a little drop of Beyoncé, but I’ve been on a semi-old school R&B kick and have started a playlist. However, this playlist is a little sparse. Like horrible pun jokes, I’m also a sucker for old school ballads that have a two-step type of feel. Then on the other hand I’ll also sing along to “Suga, Suga” and “Peaches & Cream”. I live for the bass (but not EDM style) and being able to let the (little) sun we get in Seattle shine on through in the car. I think the newest song in there is from 2007, and the oldest is 1998. But I’m open to additions from before ’98. If you have a song in mind that you think should be in my playlist, comment, send me a tweet, or feel free to reach out in any other way. Just don’t spam me like a bot, please. That’s not cool.

Here’s the playlist so far (I love Spotify, especially after their new re-design!): *Update : April 5th. This playlist has changed from the original. Feel free to still reach out if you think you can make this playlist better. Thanks!*

In thanks for your help, I’ll give you some pretty cool artists I’ve found this week, which has been a God send given that I’ve felt my playlists have been feeling rather dull. It’ll be like trading Pokémon cards, or pieces of lunch. (No, you may not have my golden Togepi I got from Burger King).

If you want some Rap, I recently found out about Gowe (Gifted on West End). He has lyrical content, and isn’t aimlessly cussing every other word. I’m particularly in love with “Coffee Tables” and “I Wonder”. His latest LP as far as I know is “We Are Hypergiants” (2012).  It has a catchy title, no?

If you’re into more folksy-based guitar stuff, I give you City and Colour (spelt the better way!). It’s no wonder with great melodies, a unique tone, and meaningful lyrics, that one of his most popular songs “The Girl” has amassed more than 1 million plays. I’m digging “The Girl” and “Forgive Me”. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of him sooner.

For my third pick, I’m choosing an oldie/newbie. Old, because I heard one of his songs earlier but have newly re-discovered and listened to him. Tom Odell has such a unique voice, with (no surprise) lyrical content that just wrenches, twists, and turns your soul. He’s also British. Plus, his album Long Way Down is one of those great albums that tell a story in the song order, but can also be shuffled and still have an impact. I’m a fan of “Grow Old With Me”, “Hold Me”, “Another Love”, “Sirens”, “Heal”. You know what? Just go listen to the whole album. You’ll thank me later.

I have a pretty wide range of taste. So shoot me a comment and we can get to trading musical taste!

Hope you have a wonderful week.

– Tiffanie

A Letter to Miranda


As you embark across the world to the distant, fashionable cousin of this hallowed America I hope you have the time of your life (don’t forget the Dirty Dancing music). Here are some of the things I hope you do and don’t do. Obviously you don’t have to listen to me, I’m not your mother.

  1.   Say Yes. No, don’t go saying “yes” to getting married on the first evening, but I hope you do say yes to many things. Whether it’s going to concerts to artists you’ve never heard of, exploring some national park, getting lost in a castle, or just finding some good coffee shops, I hope you don’t get pulled into a shell and become a homebody for wherever you are calling home base.
  2.   Don’t be Stupid. I said say “yes”, but obviously don’t do something like murder or whatever is illegal over there. I know you’re smart, so this one is kind of silly.
  3.   Take Pics and Videos. Because, you know, I want to see all the things! Including well-dressed men. Don’t forget your new found friends, the city, and your face!
  4.    Stay Safe. We always hear the horror stories about what happens, but we never truly embrace all the beautiful aspects of traveling abroad. And that’s a real shame. This point, is really just saying I hope you enjoy every moment of your time and that me and everyone you love will be wishing you safety for you to enjoy these moments.

Last words before I sign off and we get overly sappy here. I am so happy for you and I will miss you. I’ll miss baking you cake pops and our late night conversations, but probably your laugh and tiny hand writing more. So don’t forget to write, we’ll always have the interwebs.


Best Wishes,



Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of humor. I hope you’re ready. You be Snape, just the more attractive female version of him.

Happy Pi(e) Day!!!

In honor of this great day that supports not only math and the goodness of pie, I’ve compiled a list of three things that also support math/numbers in their own unique mediums as well. Be sure to take the Buzzfeed quiz to find out which type of pie you are, especially if you need something to distract you from your more important decisions. Because let’s face it, pie is pretty much a distraction in and of itself. At least the really good ones. Have I mentioned before that Miranda’s mom makes a killer apple pie?! Anyway, on with the list!

#1. Well this list probably doesn’t really support math/numbers, but it definitely features references to them in some shape or form. I’m picking Beyoncé’s “1+1” from her album 4 way back in 2011 as my first choice.

This is definitely one of my favorite songs from 4 in addition to “Love on Top” (those increasing chord progressions and key changes always get me). While she doesn’t necessarily know a lot about algebra (do you see what I did there?) she has recently been supporting the #BanBossy Campaign. But that’s of a separate matter. So what does one plus one equal to?

#2. Two! So my second item would be this delightful video of Benedict Cumberbatch, er Benedict Sherlock, with friends Count von Count and Murray-arty. It blew up a while ago, but it’s still so much fun to watch. Plus, I love me some Benedict (if you haven’t picked up yet). Happy counting; you’ll still use this skill after school and in the “real world”.

#3. My third item would be the movie Stand and Deliver (1988) about a math teacher named Jaime Escalante who helps a group of under privileged high school students through the support of not just his good nature but also through a love of math specifically, calculus. I never believed that math would be so valuable, but I’ve learned that math and a variety of disciplines are interconnected whether it is through economics, physics, chemistry and other sciences. I guess that’s what perspective does; it surprises you and changes your beliefs. Math in today’s day in age is increasingly more valuable specifically with statistics and the introduction of big data. So stay in school kids  and love math more!

To all a happy pi day! Be sure to comment on your favorite kind of pie (it’s not limited to the sweet kind) and/or what your result was for your Buzzfeed quiz. You can find my result on Twitter (hee hee, shameless plug).



The Inevitable Syrup Post

It’s not about the delectable sugared goodness that usually goes with pancakes (which, if you love pancakes, read this post from earlier this week). It all began when…

I was mindlessly going through my feed on Tumblr a while ago and came across this .GIF set (see below!!).


“…this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.” “

It was powerful in the terms of what being a woman is really like and how many are perceived especially in a business setting, plus Amber Heard is a hottie. So began my quest to find out where the source of the set came from because I sure was not going to go through all of the notes. Plugging the image source into the wonderful Google Image search…. I was given an answer at last! Syrup.

Thus I was thrown into another adventure to pretty much become an expert on everything about this movie aka stalking all the sites! I found that the movie was actually based on Maxx Barry’s novel of the same name, so I immediately placed my order on the book and movie and did the dreaded waiting game.

Finally, with much procrastination (I know you all have been waiting! Sike. You all just want to eat pancakes), here’s my review on Syrup!

I love it. It is probably one of my favorite books of the moment. Maybe ever. It features a recent marketing grad named Scat as he enters the wide world of advertising. He befriends/falls in love with/has a tenuous relationship with 6 (I am not kidding you, her name is 6) as he learns the skills of communication, negotiation, and backstabbing. Well, he doesn’t really backstab anyone more like becomes the backstabee (I know, not a word but it’s fun to say). He goes from being on the bottom of the totem-pole to running the show and back again.

Syrup is equal parts entertaining and thought-provoking. On the one hand it is just overall fun to see someone go through their life and seeing through all the relationships they encounter. The dialogue is quite concise and witty, that it makes the actual process of reading fast and entertaining. You will constantly be amazed at what comes out of each character’s mouth. On the other hand, it is thought-provoking because of what the characters are saying. Barry purposely wrote the novel in a satirical/comical way that makes the audience evaluate the way marketing has evolved but also consumerism in our culture.

As a marketer, I fell in love with the novel because it shows how much power advertising and brands have in our lives, but I also feel scared to know that the smallest thing that is projected to the audience can have an everlasting impact on them. Also, I can see some of the things I’ve learned in my coursework that double as what Barry says are “MKTG Case Studies”, but helped to re-evaluate the benefit that is actually received by consumers. There is a great section in the book that shows how advertising is at odds with many competing ideologies, particularly what art is. One of my favorite quotes is as follows. It is between 6 and Tina (her roommate, and a director) over whether advertising is art.

“‘I’ve noticed you corporate people do this,’ Tina says. ‘Confuse popularity with quality.’ ‘It’s a democratic society, Tina,’ 6 says. ‘Your opinion of what’s quality is no more valid than mine. Popularity is quality. And so marketers are today’s real artist.’” (187).

So I guess I’m hoping that I’m more of a benefit to my community and am in fact an artist rather than some destructive, greedy, stereotypical business professional. Whether you’re a marketer or not, I think Syrup is a must read. Even if you don’t start to question the ads you see and the industry that creates them, it’s a fun plot that will keep you engaged. If you don’t like it, comment and let’s start a conversation. Also, be sure to watch the movie, there are definitely some differences (the biggest is the location change) and the wardrobe is to die for. You also shouldn’t need an excuse to watch Amber Heard. Here’s the trailer where the .GIF set was from.

Enjoy the rest of your week and let us know what you’re reading!




Hello Everyone!

I’m really excited and it’s not because I have a final in my class tomorrow; actually it’s because today is NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY!!!! This is a big fucking deal people!

Now, I’m not sure you realize how much I adore pancakes and if I’ve somehow told you before I’m going to tell you again, because I love them that much! Here is the single greatest thing about pancakes: it is cake…. that is socially acceptable to eat…. as your first meal of the day! Isn’t that marvelous! It’s cake, made in a pan that is just handy dandy fine to eat in the morning, and on top of that, you can have regular cake to eat at night. Double the cake, double the joy!

My favorite type of pancake is the original buttermilk pancake:
mmmmhhmmm can’t go wrong with these bad boys


If you’re feeling a bit sweet take a look at these little fuckers!


Oh take a look at these motherfuckers trying to trick you with their ‘Look I have strawberries, I’m healthy” Stop lying you delicious succulent treat!


Here are some beautiful sunburnt pancakes that I want in my mouth right now!


Also! Pancakes don’t fucking discriminate like shit humans. No! Pancakes say, “Everyone is fucking delicious and deserves to be eaten!”


Can’t forget to eat the Smurfs either!


Did you know there was a thing called the ‘Cheesecake Pancake’? I’m not even kidding, do you think I would even try to make light of such a serious matter?


Now that I have sufficiently tantalized your tastebuds I would like to say:


Now go eat some pancakes!!!!

– Miranda

(all the pictures I found on Google images – no matter how much I want them to be, they aren’t mine)


Hi all,

In many parts of the world it is now technically Saturday morning (aka dreamland time) so…. I will not really be posting today, I hope you’ll take an IOU. I had all kinds of plans to be productive after a school function, but that turned into me browsing J. Crew (they might be bought up by Uniqlo!) and other shopping sites because I desperately want to go shopping. Anyways, as Miranda mentioned we have chosen our March RR (“Required Reading”) book, and we will probably be planning for April sometime. Also be on the lookout for something related to the Oscars (we saw a few of the nominated Best Pictures in one day!), because Lupita Nyong’o is a queen. And you know art! In the meantime, here are some random photos that can tide you over. Enjoy your morning/day/life!


A combination of the Internet’s favorite things: cats and British men.


From Tumblr. Something I’ve saved for years that continues to make me laugh. Enjoy your ab work out.